Bondi Beach more expensive than Paris?

It might seem strange that a buyer agent wants to talk about history but bear with me! During the Dutch Golden Age of the early 1600’s, tulip mania engulfed the country. By 1637 the price of a single tulip bulb was selling for 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. The coveted flower was regarded as a luxury item and the eventual supply squeeze fuelled the speculation. This event often described as “tulip mania” has been extensively researched in books about popular delusions. No prizes for guessing that like all bubbles, they burst with huge social and economic consequences. Continue reading

K-L’s Tips for expat property buyers in Australia

Guest post by K-L Clinton

K-LSo you’re an Expat and loving your new career and lifestyle in Singapore but you are still keen to own a patch of Australian soil. Finding the perfect property when you are living overseas takes time and energy and if not handled well can be a highly stressful, expensive and emotional experience. Read on and learn how to take the risk out and put the fun back into buying property in Australia.

Coastal property prices are 30% lower

Currently in Australia there are many opportunities available and some great properties can be found if you are careful, canny and take time to do your research. This is obviously made a lot easier if you have someone on the ground working for you. Coastal properties from Noosa in Queensland to Sorrento in Victoria are 30 – 40% lower than the inflated prices of a few years ago. As sellers have finally adjusted to the current markets prices we have seen prices continuing to drop as we work with our buyers.

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