Unlisted Development Sites Wanted !

IMG_1180Not a day goes by without a call from a Chinese Developer looking for unlisted residential development sites. Most mainstream media has been discussing Chinese demand across the residential apartment sector. However most commentators have failed to discuss the boom in Chinese property developers now making Australia home.

Companies like Dahua, a developer of high-end properties in China and the Kai-Tan Group, apartment and infrastructure developers in China, are just a couple of the players making names for themselves in the local market. Continue reading

New Strata Laws

QQ-w-strata-20131103191521429899-620x349It will be interesting to see how the new strata laws are received in suburbs like Wolli Creek, Hurstville, Rockdale and others where Chinese apartment buying has been frenetic. Included in the overhaul are changes to ban smoking on outside balconies, a move that might not be well received by Chinese investors particularly where they make up 50% of the owners corporation.

A good article written by Jimmy Thomson in the Sydney Morning Herald flags some of the key changes. 


“By Shane Clinton”

And the winner is…Sydney!

mainIn a market as hot as Sydney is right now it’s worth highlighting a couple of great purchases we made for our clients. We don’t usually trumpet our successes but both acquisitions highlight the benefits of working with experienced Sydney buyer agents in order to gain an edge in this rising property market.

Take B/8 Henry Lawson Avenue McMahons Point purchased for $6.8m on behalf of our overseas client.
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