Investment Tidal Wave

p9b7kp8m-1385346592A recent article by Rodney Maddock from Monash University published in the Conversation highlights the “tidal wave” of Chinese investment we expect to see in the next few years.

We have talked about this for the past year and I sense pressure is building as Chinese investors continue to chase development sites across the Sydney basin. Make no mistake capital flows are increasing and deals will be done.

“By Shane Clinton”  

Who wants an Investment Unit in their Christmas Stocking?

christmas-stockings2We all want a great little investment property in our Christmas stocking but getting the strategy right before you jump in is the key!

Investment property is in demand and it’s hot right now especially when the apartment ticks all the boxes. Highly sought after properties are in a 10km radius to the CBD, close to transport and the harbour foreshore. Apartments hit the market on a Saturday, first inspections open with swarms of people all keen to buy the fab art deco features and to secure a solid rental return in a very desirable location.

So as a buyer in this current climate you have a short window of buying opportunity. By the time you get around and negotiate the Sydney traffic, attend other viewings and stop for brunch the good buys will be already under contract. You need to move fast without being emotional or employ a buyers agent to work on your behalf. Continue reading