Hot Contemporary Art

IMG 0640 One of the hottest trades being done by a few of our clients is in Australian Contemporary Art.Even though the Australian Art Market is suffering the post GFC blues, the exchange rate appreciation has provided a window to source great pieces in London and sell them in Australia.
Why? Because the exchange rate has appreciated 40% and Contemporary Australian Art in London has weakened in line with the global art market. Let’s work through a typical example.

There are good stocks of Sidney Nolan paintings residing in London. Several years ago priced at around 36,000 Pounds or at the prevailing exchange rate of 0.3600 around $100,000 Australian Dollars With prices weaker or stable at best that 36,000 Pound painting can be picked up at current exchange rates of 0.6300 or $57,000 Australian Dollars. That is a great discount for an iconic artist! If that is your flavour, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Australia’s leading expert.

“By Shane Clinton”

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