If sellers have agents, why not have a buyer agent?

Buying Houses Australia

Looking to buy property in Australia? Shane and K-L from Buying Houses Australia have a commitment to service excellence that they have delivered to their clients over many years. Once you have arranged your financing needs, Buying Houses Australia will conduct a search and compile a shortlist of properties based on your property brief. Selected properties will be thoroughly researched to reveal any deficiencies that could affect the price.

Property Search

Once inspections are completed the team from Buying Houses Australia will negotiate the sale, and work in concert with your financier or wealth adviser to ensure all the administrative and legal aspects are covered. A key advantage of using Buying Houses Australia is that they use their experience to judge the real value of a property. Where possible Buying Houses Australia will investigate the history of a property, what it has sold for in the past and what comparable properties have sold for recently. One recent client brief identified a beachfront property that last sold in 2006 for $3.6m. In receiver’s hands, the Agent had listed the property for $2.7m in 2011. The property was in the process of being acquired for $1.6m!

The Top 10 reasons for using Buying Houses Australia

  1. We work for the Buyer not the Seller.
  2. We find the best deals that are “Off Market” or “Not Advertised”.
  3. We negotiate the best Purchase Price and save you money.
  4. We do all the work for you, which means ‘Stress Free’ buying.
  5. We have acquired residential, rural, commercial and development sites.
  6. We know the hidden traps to avoid that Vendor agents don’t highlight.
  7. You have a dedicated Property Director that works for you.
  8. We find the property that you want.
  9. We are 100% independent and do not own the properties.
  10. Your Success = Our Success. We only get paid on RESULTS!
“By Shane Clinton

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