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What is a Buyers Agent and why use one?

Most buyers and investors are familiar with dealing with real estate agents. Typically the agent has an agency agreement with the vendor (seller). This is an important distinction for buyers to realise;

  1. The agent has a legal obligation to get the highest price for the seller
  2. The agent has a contract with the seller so is not legally allowed to put the buyers needs before his client's needs

A Buyers Agent or Advocate is a licenced real estate professional who has an Agency Agreement with the buyer. We never earn fees or commissions from the seller of the property. We are never tied to any particular real estate agency.

As a buyer's agent, we work exclusively for you.
After an initial consultation we get to work looking for a property that matches both your needs and price expectations.

Top 10 reasons for using Buying Houses Australia

  1. We work for the Buyer not the Seller
  2. We find the best deals that are Off Market or Not Advertised
  3. We negotiate the best Purchase Price and save you money
  4. We do all the work for you, which means Stress Free buying
  5. We have acquired residential, rural, commercial and development sites
  6. We know the hidden traps to avoid that Vendor agents don't highlight
  7. You have a dedicated Property Director that works for you
  8. We find the property that you want
  9. We are 100% independent and do not own the properties
  10. Your Success = Our Success. We only get paid on RESULTS!

Using BHA and accessing their wealth of investment knowledge might well be one of the best decisions you will ever make. No more searching the Internet, losing Saturday mornings to inspections, and worrying about the pressures of auction night. Buying Houses Australia anywhere, anytime, ensuring the best property result!

You have a property plan or perhaps you need one? Give us a call, we can help you, our consultation is free!


Searching for a future home in Australia can be difficult and frustrating when living overseas...
Buyers agents Shane & K-L Clinton insist on giving you bang for your buck and ultimately save you money...
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