Commercial Real Estate

Buying Houses Australia can source all types of Commercial Real Estate including offices, development sites, factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and shops. For Foreign Investors purchases of commercial real estate approval is normally granted unless it is contrary to the national interest. However all these types of investments are notifiable to the FIRB and Buying Houses Australia will assist this process.

The purchase of certain types of property as defined in the FIRB guidelines, often does not require an application application and include where:

  • You are an Australian citizen living abroad
  • Your spouse is an Australian citizen (not a permanent resident) and you are purchasing residential real estate in both names as joint tenants (not tenants in common)
  • You are a New Zealand citizen and you are purchasing residential property
  • You hold a permanent resident visa and you are purchasing residential property
  • You are purchasing new dwelling(s) from the developer, where the developer has pre-approval to sell those dwellings to foreign persons
  • You are acquiring an interest in a time share scheme which does not permit you (and any of your associates) more than 4 weeks entitlement per year
  • You are purchasing certain residential real estate in an Integrated Tourism Resort (ITR)
  • You are acquiring an interest in developed commercial property valued at less than $50 million or $100 million (indexed annually) for US investors, or $5 million for heritage listed properties where the acquirer is not a US investor
  • You are acquiring an interest in developed commercial property where the property is to be used immediately and in its present state for industrial or non-residential commercial purposes. The acquisition must be wholly incidental to the purchaser's proposed or existing business activities
  • You are acquiring an interest by will or by operation of law (such as, a court order regarding the division of property in a divorce settlement, but not if both parties simply agree to transfer property without a court's intervention)
  • You are purchasing property from the Government (Commonwealth, State or Territory, or local)
  • For all other purchases the Government will determine approval on a case-by-case basis
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