Expatriate Buying Service Expatriate Buying Service

Expatriate Buyer Service

Finding a good buyers agent can seem daunting if you are an Australian citizen thinking about returning home, or a foreign national holding a permanent residence visa and (See our blog article on Significant Investor Visa) looking to buy an investment property. Do your research and you will discover that Buying Houses Australia offers a lot more service than your typical buyers agent.

Our expatriate clients have demanded a bit more than having purely a property agent on the ground in Australia. They need to speak to someone experienced about schools, growth suburbs, clubs and the implications of exchange rate movements.

This type of financial discussion is outside the scope of a typical of buyer's agent, but at Buying Houses Australia you will be surprised at the depth of knowledge that we offer. Being connected and completely confidential, Buying Houses Australia is for the astute buyer.

Key Features Of Our Expatriate Buyer Service

  1. Strategic Relationships with Migration Experts
  2. Strategic Relationships with Mortgage Brokers
  3. Strategic Relationships with Relocation Specialists
  4. Full Property Search Service and extensive advice
  5. Arranging for Power of Attorney and delivering cheques and contracts
  6. We can also arrange or make contact with banking, lawyer and accounting professionals on your behalf
  7. Confidential, astute and informed service
You have a property plan or perhaps you need one? Give us a call, we can help you, our consultation is free!


Searching for a future home in Australia can be difficult and frustrating when living overseas...
Buyers agents Shane & K-L Clinton insist on giving you bang for your buck and ultimately save you money...
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